Joseph Low — Master Pieces of Music (Haydn Society)

This is one of my favorites from his covers for the Haydn Society. They are three volumes on an anthology with some of the Haydn artists including Finn Viderø, Aksel Schiøtz, Else Brems, Niels Brincker, etc.

The drawings are very ornamental yet geometric and again textured. A lot of fun details on this illustrations contrasted with some bright colors. Another wonderful two color design.

Design: Joseph Low  |  Year: 1953  |  Photos: Javier García

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About Joseph Low:
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Product Info:
Haydn Society Album Covers, 1953
Copyright 1953 by the Haydn Society, Inc.
Boston Massachusetts
Cover Design by Joseph Low

Author: Javier

Javier Garcia is a graphic designer and collector living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area.