Percusions and Brass

Here’s a record cover designed by Chermayeff & Geismar Associates titled Percusions and Brass and put out by the Grand Award record label. It was really sad to find out a couple years that one of the great masters of graphic design, Ivan Chermayeff passed away in December 2017. I wanted to post this in his honor but unfortunately the blog was on hiatus and I couldn’t access it then. Nevertheless here is one of my favorite record covers from my collection. Such an iconic modernist piece. It’s hard to see on the picture but the spiral shape is actually printed in metallic gold. Record Cover circa 1960.

My Jim Flora Collection

As you might already know, I’m a Jim Flora freak. I’ve been collection his records for many years and every time I come across one I just can not pass on it. As a result, my collection is outgrowing and I’m finding myself having to sell all my duplicates. I will be listing them at my vintage store Come and check them out. I’m up for trades if you think you got something I might be interested in. Here are a few already listed:

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Miguel Aceves Record cover by Jim Flora

Well this weekend is México’s Independence Day and I thought I’d do a theme post so here’s a super fun record cover illustrated by the absolute wonderful Jim Flora. I love how he managed to include all the folklore of a traditional Mexican celebration. There’s the lady cooking outside, a bar, a pulqueria, a church, plata (silver), and animals including pigs, rosters and of course donkeys!

This is a different color version from the U.S. release. This one was released in Spain. The artwork is identical of the U.S. release but the colors and the RCA logo area are different.

So if you like delicious food, drinks and folklore, make sure you look for some of these festivities this weekend. Enjoy!

Design: Jim Flora   |   Year: 1955   |   Photo: Javier Garcia

Schönberg record cover by Alvin Lustig

This is a very rare record cover designed by Alvin Lustig that I haven’t seen around that much. It’s not in the book, nor the site at this time. I really love his geometric line explorations and this one is certainly one of my favorites of his. It is an honor for me to share it with all of you.

I am very excited to finally post this cover and I am happy to say that, as I am typing this, this particular record among a few others is being shipped to Minneapolis for the exhibit titled “The Lustigs: A Cover Story” curated by Michael Skjei at the College of Visual Arts Gallery. The exhibition will be up from September 19 through October 21, 2012 with Steven Heller (Author of Born Modern: The Life and Design of Alvin Lustig) as a guest Lecturer and a conversation with the wonderful Elaine Lustig Cohen. For more details visit the CVA Gallery page »

So if you are in the area make sure you don’t miss this event as – from what I’ve heard from Michael –  it will probably be one of the most complete exhibits of the work of the Lustigs you’ll ever see. Enjoy!

Design: Alvin Lustig   |   Year: 1953  |  Photo: Javier Garcia

Erroll Garnier Tid Bits Record Cover by?

There’s always something interesting in the Jazz section. This is a record cover for the American Jazz pianist, Erroll Garnier.  The pattern in this piece feels very Scandinavian but at the same time has the Blue Note vibe to it. At first I thought the sleeve was very worn out but once I looked at it from further away I saw the face. Designer is uncredited but I really loved this cover hoe you do as well. Enjoy!

Design: Unknown   |  Year: 1954   |   Photo: Javier Garcia

Bethoven LP by Emil Antonucci

Here’s a very modern cover designed by Emil Antonucci for those lovers of clean Sans Serif type. The the yellow/green is pretty vibrant and definitely a color not used a lot around that time. Love the random arranged yet structured type. The only thing that is not part of the design is the HIFI label. Even though the label is nice by itself, I hate that they slapped it anywhere on the LP’s. Enjoy!

Design: Emil Antonucci  |  Year: 1954   |   Photo: Javier García