New Website is up!

For those who missed it, I launched my new website this week. Stop by and check it out. This illustration was done for it and it will also be a postcard. Enjoy!

They represent among many others, the things that I like. It’s very obvious but from top to bottom, left to right. Here they are:

1. Sunny Days
2. Vikings
3. Modern Architecture
4. Do I need to mention this?
5. Converse!
6. My Chihuahua/Dogs
7. Chairs/Furniture
8. Skateboarding
9. Wood
10. Lamps
11. Water/Ocean
12. Mexican Folklore
13. Peace
14. Screenprinting
15. Planters/Plants
16. Records/Vinyl
17. Guitars
18. Riding Bikes
19. That’s my logo
20. Love/My Wife
21. Drawing

(no particular order)

More of this posted at dribbble ยป

Author: Javier

Javier Garcia is a graphic designer and collector living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area.