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Franck LP cover by George Maas

Here’s a wonderful record cover designed by George Maas. I love how abstract the town is next to the church. It’s got great line texture when you get up close. Instant wall art right there. Enjoy!

Design: George Maas   |   Year:  Unknown  |   Photo: Javier García

Happy Holidays!

And lastly, here are the holiday cards I designed this year. I will be taking a break from the blog until next year. Happy Holidays everyone!

Holiday Shop Sale

I’m having a 20% off sale for the holidays on my screenprints on etsy for the month of December with coupon code HOLIDAY20. Go to » Sale ends January 1st.
Some people have purchased without the code so I thought I’d post it here. Enjoy!

Bette Hackett Alumination Magazine

It’s time for the holiday blog post. Here’s a fun issue of Alumination Magazine with cover and feature story designed by Bette Hackett (couldn’t make out the signature completely) put out by Eureka Metals Supply Co. The fun illustrations are a mix of paper cut and other materials with painted illustrations. The story is quite fun too, it talks about why Santa choose the reindeer. So there you have it, enjoy another Christmas with this Mid Century illustrated  gem!

Design: Bette Hackett   |   Year: 1952   |   Photo: Javier Garcia

Paul Rand and Alvin Lustig Collab

Here’s an interesting book cover designed by Paul Rand. The interesting thing about this is that Alvin Lustig hired Rand to design this cover  while the interior design and typography was done by Alvin Lustig. This brings two great designers together. Such a fun and modern cover. Enjoy!

Design: Paul Rand   |   Year: 1953   |   Photo: Javier Garcia

Peter & the Wolf Record Cover by Herbert Leupin

Here’s a very fun Peter and the Wolf record cover illustrated by the Swiss poster designer, Herbert Leupin. He is one of my favorite designers and I was really excited to find this cover. I love ho simple and geometric this is. If you don’t know this designer, I suggest you google his name. Enjoy!

Design: Herbert Leupin   |  Year: 1954   |  Photo: Javier Garcia