Jim Flora Storyboards

Here’s something I have been hoarding in the archives forever. I believe I shared a snippet when I found them many years ago but this is a set of five storyboards for the animated short film The fabulous Firework Family, a film made after the successful book of the same title that launched Jim Flora’s second career as a children’s book author and illustrator. Following the success of the book, Terrytoons acquired the book and made a film produced by Gene Deitch.

As for the authenticity of the Storyboards, I consulted with the Irwin Chusid, author of many books on flora and editor of the site jimflora.com. Conclusion was that based on the quality, style of painting, use of pencil, etc. it is 99.9% made by Flora’s own hand. Though it is 0.1% possible that some talented artist at Terrytoons could have made them. It is also documented that Flora did provide storyboards to Terrytoons. In any case, enjoy these paintings and watch the film. Adios!

Jim Flora, Richard Strauss 10″ Record Cover

Here’s a 10″ record I haven’t seen pictured. It is not signed or mentioned on the back but it is listed on the Columbia Records section on the Jim Flora site as one of his designs. I knew it had to be a Flora design since the moment I saw it. Always happy to find Jim Flora records. I have more but they all have been featured many times on other sites.

Eugene Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra
Strauss: Till Eulenspiegel

Design: Jim Flora  |  Year: 1954  |  Photo: Javier Garcia

UPDATE: at the time I wrote this post, there wasn’t any info available and I just found out that there is an article on the Jim Flora blog. Seems to be quite a rare piece.