TWA Nu-Vue Playing Cards

Here’s a set of playing cards made by Brown & Bigelow for Trans World Airlines (TWA). There’s not much known about the designer of cards. I believe they were made around 1964. I’ve seen these set’s graphics used in a piece of fabric that I saw on FFFFound but can’t trace its source and CSA Images has some of these images available. I was very excited to find that this was actually a whole set of cards. It is beautifully illustrated and fun to play with. Enjoy!

If you have any info on the designer of these cards, please let me know!

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Design: Unknown    |    Year: 1964?     |    Photo: Javier García

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Hail to the King!

Just an illustration I did about the things that happens around a King’s Kingdom.
There’s good, there’s evil and they all fight for nothing but power using the poor Princess as an excuse becase the queen is too old. Print?

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Mexico 68 Olympics and Mexico 70 World Cup

México is celebrating today. Their national soccer teams have given fans something to enjoy (while it last) so I thought it would be nice to post these postcards.

My mom collected these cards at the time of the 1968 Olympics and the 1970 Soccer World Cup. And they were just recently brought to my attention. They are a mix of screenprinting and flocking. They feel very nice to the touch.

While the designer of all these cards is unknown, there are some graphics from Lance Wyman including that pink card with the Olympics icons and the beautiful México 68 logo.

Design: Lance Wayman (Adapted from?)   |  Year: 1968, 1970   |   Photo: Javier García

A Happy Holiday – Dalia Amihood, Israel

Here’s an awesome illustration from an unknown Israeli designer for a famous Israeli folk artist named Dalia Amihood. I really like the collage, colors and the simplicity of those illustrations. I could picture this being one of those huge ceramic tile murals.

There is a signature along with the year ’62 in the last picture. Not sure what is says as it’s in Hebrew. If someone can read Hebrew please let me know what it says.

Design: Unknown   |   Year: 1962?   |   Photo: Javier García