Mobile Design



Here’s a wonderful cover for the book called “Mobile Design” by Johh Lynch. Only the cover was designed by George Giusti. Despite how fun this book is inside, the colors of the cover just dragged my attention towards it. Couldn’t skip this one.

At first I thought the book was dirty but then I realized the background is a brick wall. Despite the Mobile shapes already being cool I love how they are placed in the composition, not to mention the awesome colors. The image in the middle is the image stamped on the book cloth.

Brief info:
George Giusti (1908-1990) was a Milan designer who emigrated to the U.S. in 1939. He had an association with Geigy Pharmaceuticals for twelve years and he designed several books, record covers and magazines.


Design: George Giusti  |  Year: ?  |  Photos: Javier García