The Fictitious Records by Javier Garcia

Nope, these are not existing records I found. This is a self-initiated experimental project that I designed myself. I started this project about a year ago. I’ve been collecting The Haydn Society records for quite some time now and I decided to do my take on it. This was totally fictitious and I did not intent to redesign or make the records any better than they already are.

One of my biggest influences for this was one of The Haydn Society collaborating artist (and one of my favorite designers), Alvin Lustig. When thinking of designing this his way, I couldn’t help but to grab a ruling pen, compass, brush and some india ink.

Process was very simple. The text was taken from actual albums. It was totally experimental and I did not set deadlines so I doodled covers for over a month every time I had a spare minute. Then selected the covers and inked them by hand with india ink and scanned them. I then took my black india ink and did some color separations. Color and type was then added on the computer. Yup, that was it.

Overall I had a lot of fun doing this and I really hope you enjoy these covers!

Design: Javier García   |   Year: 2011

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