Peter & the Wolf Record Cover by Herbert Leupin

Here’s a very fun Peter and the Wolf record cover illustrated by the Swiss poster designer, Herbert Leupin. He is one of my favorite designers and I was really excited to find this cover. I love ho simple and geometric this is. If you don’t know this designer, I suggest you google his name. Enjoy!

Design: Herbert Leupin   |  Year: 1954   |  Photo: Javier Garcia

Shifting Gears a bit!

After all the posts I’ve made over the past year, I realized most of the things here are a collection of items that have No Barcode. Therefore, I thought the name was very appropriate for what I was doing. My focus is mostly on vintage modern graphic design. Could be american, swiss, scandinavian, etc. I try to cover my favorite periods from 1940-1970 and perhaps a few other’s that followed that style over the years up until today.

I try to post my own findings and articles with my own photographs and scans (with a few exceptions). I really enjoy the blogs that take the effort to find their own articles. I might not post as regularly as I would like since I do it all by myself but you know the stuff here is hand picked.

All in all, I hope you are enjoying going through my posts and I hope to keep you visiting.


Welcome to my first blog. I will try to upload subjects a little less corporate than what is on my portfolio website. In here you will find posts related to Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Any Design-related field, photography or even music subjects.