Consumer Reports Bill Charmatz, Roy Doty

Not too long ago, I found this great stack of magazines contained in three binders. I was in a rush but quickly flipped through a few and took one binder. After seeing what was inside, I had to go back and get the others.

Well, what we have here are some Consumer Reports magazines from late 50’s through 60’s mostly illustrated by Bill Charmatz (1945-2005) and Roy Doty (I believe he’s still illustrating). Both prolific during the 50s and 60s and continued through today (although their styles evolved). There are a few other unsigned illustrations in a few issues that I wasn’t able to identify. I was able to spot Doty and Charmatz because they signed some of their illustrations. Thanks to Scott Lindberg from (New Doccuments) for stepping in to identify Charmatz’s signature for me. Click images to enlarge.

Way too much to show. Enjoy!

Design: Bill Charmatz, Roy Doty, etc.   |   Year: 1950-60   |   Photo: Javier García

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