Jerome Snyder, Prokofiev Record Cover

To follow up the popular Book of bridge post, here’s a fun record illustrated by Jerome Snyder. I saw this in a 1957 Annual and I knew I had to track this record down. Finally got a copy of it and I love it. The details on the character jackets are amazing. Enjoy!

Design: Jerome Snyder | Year: 1957 | Photo: Javier García

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When not to DIY by Stan Fraydas

Here’s a fun booklet titled “When not to do it yourself” illustrated by Stan Fraydas written by Theodore Irwin. It’s a two color piece with wonderful whimsical illustrations depicting people working at home. The illustrations have a lot of interesting textures as well as a wonderful style. Enjoy!

Design: Stan Fraydas   |   Year: 1955   |   Photo: Javier García