Stanley Stubenberg

I usually do photos of my own findings but I think Stanley Stubenberg deserves a spot here. He was a noted Hawaiian artist. His work,  mostly Hawaiian themed, is featured on the Tiki Moden book. He worked on many restaurant menu’s as well as several books on Hawaiian culture.

The only piece I own is the Young Folk’s Hawaiian Time: A Collection of True Hawaiian Children’s Stories by Genie Pitchford which has bee featured in a lot of places. More images on this Flickr photostream by Lynne’s Lens

I also highly suggest you swing by Arkiva Tropika they have a wonderful collection of Polynesian Pop ephemera, mostly pre-1970.

Above images via: Arkiva Tropika

Image via: Lynne’s Lens

Author: Javier

Javier Garcia is a graphic designer and collector living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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  1. I just bought the 1972 Young Folks Hawaiian Time on ebay. In doing a search for more of Stanley Stubenberg’s work I noticed that different editions of the Young Folks books are done in different colors. It is a pretty cool idea. He was crazy talented

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