Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica.

Just wrapped up the first Album in a series from Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica called “The Unforgettable Sounds of Esquivel”. Brian has been working on doing transcripts of Esquivel‘s work which have been lost and forgotten for years and have finally been put on a record.

I was honored to be part of this project both for keeping Esquivel’s music Alive and for all the efforts that Brian O’Neill (Mr. Ho) and all his 22 piece band have put into it as well as his co-producer, Brother Cleve.

Mr. Ho wanted a look that stayed true to the music itself. While we didn’t had photos to choose from, Illustration was the next natural step. We went over some illustration mood boards from the mid century that we went back and forth with and began working on ideas.

There were two records in the play. One for his 22-piece Big Band playing Esquivel transcripts and the other is an Exotica/Tiki quartet with his own compositions. The main design theme was space-age meets tiki.

Here is the first one. The artwork is to set the “Space age” mood for you. Hope you enjoy the artwork and make sure you get the special pre-sale deal for the CD up on which is Scheduled for release November 16th, 2010. The first sneak-preview track from the album — Sentimental Journey — airs today Friday October 8th on on Jet Set Planet. If you are in Minneapolis, tune in. If you are else were, stream it!

There might be a Vinyl release so make sure you send your request. But for now, submerge yourself into the world of Exotica, Lounge, and Space Age Pop.

Design: Javier García   |   Year: 2010

Author: Javier

Javier Garcia is a graphic designer and collector living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area.