Automatic Pancaker

I just found this awesome atomic age pancaker in it’s original packaging. Although it’s not the most functional thing, it is fun to work with and it looks great.

The packaging is very cool. Love the colors and the typography. It’s so cool how the three ovals are bellow the pancaker drawing symbolize the pancakes and at the same time play very well with the type. A completely Atomic Age explosion. The photo of the pancake is classy, why show a full color photo as they do now days? Some people may argue that it doesn’t look appetizing, etc but to be honest it doesn’t bother me at all. I just hate how today’s packaging looks. Full of color, full of gradients, full of layers and layers of crap when back in the days they put a lot of thought into a two or three color job, creating new colors out of overprints, using patterns, etc. to create shades. Now days designers just throw stuff on to the design without using their heads.

It’s 100% made in USA (product and printing). 3 Color Offset. The designer is unknown. If you’d like to share some info, please do.

Design: Unknown   |   Year: Unknown   |   Photos: Javier García