Sabotage Wine

Sabotage Wine

Wine Label

Winemaker Sean Roney was raised in a winemaking family. After pursuinga law career his passion for winemaking grew stronger and thus, sabotaged the courtroom.

As a way of sabotaging the label we juxtaposed a ripped piece of imagery inspired by art of the 1500’s with a more contemporary and modern piece of elegant typography. Using law iconography such as the sword, scale and the Lady of Justice, we developed a brand that has character, meaning and mysticism that carries over all the elements.

To help bring the brand to life and to celebrate it’s release, we created an invite that incorporated the mysticism in law imagery and reinforcing it with a metal coin that ties it back to the look of coins from the 1500’s.

Role: Lead Designer Agency: Hatch. Direction: Joel Templin, Nicole Flores. Illustration: Steven Noble All Photography: Javier García.

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