How to use the Bell Chime

Here’s a nifty two color instructional pamphlet for Bell Telephone System. Nice color, layout, type and photography. The dots on the cover of the handset is a nice little abstraction. They are positioned the same as the photo on the inside.

Design: Unknown    |   Year: Unknown   |   Photo: Javier García

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Quick Snaps: Frigidaire, Kitchen of Tomorrow

Thanks to Mr. Brent Couchman, I was able to visit the Paper Fair in San Francisco. We both found some amazing stuff but ran out of time. Here’s one that didn’t get to come with me. It’s a foldout pamphlet for Frigidaire titled “Kitchen of Tomorrow”. Sorry for the crappy iPhone photos. Click on images to enlarge.

Design: Unknown   |   Year: 1955  |  Photos: Javier García

Tru-Cold Freezer Owner’s Guide

Here’s another fun booklet by Tru-Cold exclusive with Montgomery Ward. It’s an owner’s manual in two colors with nice use of white space. Don’t know why but that shape on the back (also on the front) gives my a sort of “Herman Miller Logo” feel. Doesn’t look like it but perhaps the curves give it this modern feel. Anyhow, great booklet. Enjoy!

Designer: Unknown   |   Year: Unknown   |   Photos: Javier García

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Easy-to-make Gifts

Here’s a fun booklet titled “Easy-to-make Gifts…for the small budget” to get the Holiday spirit going. Nice little illustrations in two colors. As always looks better in person but thought I’d share with all of you. Click on images to enlarge.

Design: Unknown  |  Year: 1957  |  Photos: Javier García

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77 Ideas – Douglas Fir Plywood Booklet

Here’s a wonderful booklet made by Douglas Fir Plywood Association titled 77 Ideas for Remodeling Your Home with Fir Plywood. I believe I’ve seen someone else feature this booklet but I couldn’t find it so I took my own photos of it. It is full of awesome illustrations of modern house projects. This is a real gem. It’s hard to fit the details on the spreads but I did a few closeups and a scan of one section. You can click on some of the images to enlarge. Enjoy!

Design: Unknown   |   Year: 1965  |   Photos: Javier García

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