Joseph Low – Bach / Finn Videro 2



I will be posting a series of classical records from the Haydn Society/ Boston that I’ve been collecting. My last post from these series will be a surprise (I hope). It’s a record cover that blew me away.

I could not find much information on the design part of the Haydn Society but they seem to have hired top of the line designers for their record covers.

Joseph Low was an Illustrator who made cover illustrations for The New Yorker and is mostly know from the awards of his book “Mice Twice.” He also illustrated over a dozen children books, book jackets and record covers. I will be posting a few of the record covers here.

His style is very expressive, rich in texture and playful. He used a lot of rough brush strokes and wood and linoleum cuts. The bricks on the image above were probably either linoleum or wood cuts I think which added a very cool texture.

I also love the typography and how it interacts with the background.

Design: Joseph Low   |   Year: 1954   |   Photos: Javier García

Joseph Low Article on New York Times
Joseph Low Wikipedia

Product Info:
Haydn Society Album Covers, 1954
Copyright 1954 by the Haydn Society, Inc.
Boston Massachusetts
Cover Design by Joseph Low

Some Love From Pariserlys Candles

For this Valentines Day (note the three hearts), I found this cool little package full of pattern, full of color (even though it’s only two), and full of life. I love the use of the triangle all over along with the aged color in the paper. The shapes of the candles are very cool too. They are made by Pariserlys and are called Paris Candles.

These were handcrafted in Denmark and are probably from the 1950’s-1960’s.

Design: Unknown   |   Year: Unknown   |   Photos: Javier García

In the back of the packaging we got:
Made in Denmark
Dansk Håndarbejde (Danish Crafts)
Dessin 405/4

Alvin Lustig’s Vivaldi Album Cover



This is an awesome album cover of the Italian eighteenth-century composer Antonio Vivaldi that I was able to find from the amazing American Modern Design Pioneer, Alvin Lustig. It’s a bit dusty with a couple stains but considering its age its understandable. I was immediately drawn to it for its shapes, then I saw the printed signature and immediately payed for it at an old stack of records from an antique store.

I love the rhythm and the relationship between the backgroung and typography arrangements. The color is amazing. Not sure if this was originally printed on a white paper but the aged tone gives it a nice touch.

Design: Alvin Lustig   |   Year: 1952   |   Photos: Javier García

Product Info:
Haydn Society Album Covers, 1952
Copyright 1953 by the Haydn Society, Inc.
Boston Massachusetts
Cover Design by Alvin Lustig

Paul Rand – A look At Architecture

Just a cool book I found designed by Paul Rand. Very nice typography.!
First twenty and last twenty pages are printed on gray colored paper, the entire book is black and white (except the cover).

Design: Paul Rand   |   Year: 1974   |   Photos: Javier García

Editorial Info:
Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce, Inc
Typography and Design: Paul Rand
Published by: Visitors Center, Columbus Indiana
Printer: The Avery Press, Inc.

Spiele: Otl Aicher’s Olympic Graphic Design

An exhibition of graphic design by the office of Otl Aicher for the 1972 Munich Olympics. Curated by Joe Miller at the San José State University.

Yet another exhibit I was able to attend in these few last months of the year. The exhibit was originally going to be from August 26 to September 26, but it got extended until October 17, 2008.

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Scandinavian Modernism at SFO

So I’m driving down to the San Francisco airport very tired on a long Sunday to take my sister to her red eye flight back to México. We usually stay for a bit, while they leave. But this time I almost ran out of time to be with them. I got very distracted by this exhibit called “Scandinavian Modernism – In Pursuit of Function and Beauty“.

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