Nevada Rock Hunting Brochure c1960

Here’s a fun brochure on Rock Hunting From Nevada. It is full of fun illustrations printed in two colors and a very textured paper. I also love the overprinting triangles on the rocks. I found another one with it about Ghost Towns in Nevada as well but it wasn’t as interesting. The Designer is uncredited and the piece is not dated but since Grant Sawyer appears in the back and he was Governor of the state of Nevada from 1959 to 1967 I’d say it’s safe to date this to 1960.

Design: Unknown   |  Year: 1960  |    Photo: Javier García

Bethoven LP by Emil Antonucci

Here’s a very modern cover designed by Emil Antonucci for those lovers of clean Sans Serif type. The the yellow/green is pretty vibrant and definitely a color not used a lot around that time. Love the random arranged yet structured type. The only thing that is not part of the design is the HIFI label. Even though the label is nice by itself, I hate that they slapped it anywhere on the LP’s. Enjoy!

Design: Emil Antonucci  |  Year: 1954   |   Photo: Javier García

Why You Act As You Do by Roy Doty

This is a fun booklet published by Good Reading Rack Service in New York 1956. It is filled with small illustrations by Roy Doty whom I’ve posted before. As usual, love the two color graphics and the playfulness of the illustrations. Enjoy!

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Design: Roy Doty   |   Year: 1956   |   Photo: Javier García