Strauss Record Cover by Jerome Snyder

Here’s another amazing record cover designed by the wonderful Jerome Snyder. This one is for the Philadelphia Orchestra. As usual the complexity of his textures and patterns is beyond belief. Truly a work of Mid Century Modern Art. Enjoy!

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Design: Jerome Snyder  |  Year: Unknown  |  Photo: Javier García

Jerome Snyder, Prokofiev Record Cover

To follow up the popular Book of bridge post, here’s a fun record illustrated by Jerome Snyder. I saw this in a 1957 Annual and I knew I had to track this record down. Finally got a copy of it and I love it. The details on the character jackets are amazing. Enjoy!

Design: Jerome Snyder | Year: 1957 | Photo: Javier García

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A Happy Holiday – Dalia Amihood, Israel

Here’s an awesome illustration from an unknown Israeli designer for a famous Israeli folk artist named Dalia Amihood. I really like the collage, colors and the simplicity of those illustrations. I could picture this being one of those huge ceramic tile murals.

There is a signature along with the year ’62 in the last picture. Not sure what is says as it’s in Hebrew. If someone can read Hebrew please let me know what it says.

Design: Unknown   |   Year: 1962?   |   Photo: Javier García