Alice & Martin Provensen, Come Lord Jesus

Here is a a wonderful set of Illustrations by the great Alice and Martin Provensen. They are in a book titled “Come Lord Jesus” and it’s heavily illustrated throughout. Enjoy!

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Design: Alice and Martin Provensen    |    Year: 1965   |   Photo: Javier García

* The work is presented here for illustration purposes, please refrain from religious comments.

Jerome Snyder Book of Bridge

To keep up with my last Stig Lindberg playing cards post, here’s the 1961 Sports Illustrated Book of Bridge written by Charles Goren and illustrated by Jerome Snyder. He was a Self-taught and self-made illustrator who became Sport’s Illustrated first Art Director in the 50’s.

It’s a very thick hardback book, mostly heavy on the text with a slip case. Snyder’s illustration appear as chapter openers. Slip Case is printed in four colors and the inside is black and red with a middle section in four color. As usual if you haven’t heard of Jerome Snyder, google him and drool…

Design: Jerome Snyder   |   Year: 1961   |   Photo: Javier García

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Quick Snaps: The Revolution of 1968

Browsing at the book store I saw this cool cover. Unfortunately no info on the designer. This one didn’t come with me but snapped a few quick shots with my phone to share it with my blog readers. Enjoy!

Title: The Revolution of 1968 and the Birth of the English Political Nation
Edited by Gerald M. Straka

Design: Unknown | Year: Second Edition 1972 | Photo: Javier García

Quick Snaps: Principles of Refrigeration

Ok, just a quick snap. Thought this cover looked so cool, the inside wasn’t very exciting design wise. Unfortunately this one didn’t come with me.

Title: Principles of Refrigeration
Author: Warren Marsh, Thomas Olivo
Publisher: Delmar Publishers Inc.

Design: Unknown  |  Year: Unknown  |   Photos: Javier García

Low – Gods, Graves & Scholars


Another design by Joseph Low. I couldn’t skip this one again. The photo does not do it justice. Like the Haydn Society records I have, this book is best viewed in person. The quality of the printing, the mix of overprinting colors, etc. made this 3 color book scream to me from the shelve.

Other pieces of his work posted: Master Pieces of Music, Bach/ Finn Videro, Bach / Finn Videro 2, Bach, Buxtehiude and Haydn.

Design: Joseph Low  |  Year: 1953  |  Photos: Javier García



Mobile Design



Here’s a wonderful cover for the book called “Mobile Design” by Johh Lynch. Only the cover was designed by George Giusti. Despite how fun this book is inside, the colors of the cover just dragged my attention towards it. Couldn’t skip this one.

At first I thought the book was dirty but then I realized the background is a brick wall. Despite the Mobile shapes already being cool I love how they are placed in the composition, not to mention the awesome colors. The image in the middle is the image stamped on the book cloth.

Brief info:
George Giusti (1908-1990) was a Milan designer who emigrated to the U.S. in 1939. He had an association with Geigy Pharmaceuticals for twelve years and he designed several books, record covers and magazines.


Design: George Giusti  |  Year: ?  |  Photos: Javier García