TWA Nu-Vue Playing Cards

Here’s a set of playing cards made by Brown & Bigelow for Trans World Airlines (TWA). There’s not much known about the designer of cards. I believe they were made around 1964. I’ve seen these set’s graphics used in a piece of fabric that I saw on FFFFound but can’t trace its source and CSA Images has some of these images available. I was very excited to find that this was actually a whole set of cards. It is beautifully illustrated and fun to play with. Enjoy!

If you have any info on the designer of these cards, please let me know!

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Design: Unknown    |    Year: 1964?     |    Photo: Javier García

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One thought on “TWA Nu-Vue Playing Cards”

  1. I love TWA from the 60’s. They had tons of great designed booklets as well as the travel posters.

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