Beckman Helipot Packaging

Here’s a super fun and modern piece of packaging for Beckman Helipot – a biomedical/scientific instruments company. This is one of my favorite packaging pieces I’ve found. Love how clean and minimal the type is plus the colors are incredible. Unfortunately, I do not know much about the designer of this piece. All I know is that it was printed in the U.S. and from reading on wikipedia, the company changed its name in the 50’s to Beckman Instruments, Inc. which is written on the instructions of this piece. So I date this to the 50’s. Feel free to pitch in. And again, try to find something as cool as this in the medical device bin today… Enjoy!

Design: Unknown   |   Year: 1950   |   Photo: Javier García

Author: Javier

Javier Garcia is a graphic designer and collector living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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  1. I have some of these pots but have lost the packaging – shame ! – I think it more likely to be early or mid 60’s design…

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