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Animal Logos Part 2

Here are more fun animal logos scanned from various sources. More to come. Make sure you also check out part 1 Enjoy!

Robby Desilva for Mafrel Ready-made Men’s wear 1980 Bombay

Szekeres István for Lovasiskola 1982 Budapest

Eduardo A Canovas for Pampere Infantil 1986 Buenos Aires

Milan Rakic for RO za izradu rashladnih uredaja 1978 Beograd

Medix / Shogo Kumasaka for Tsunoi Denki 1987 Tokyo

Takashi Ishida for Shiki no Kai 1986 Japan

Motoo Nakanishi / Yutaka Sono (art Dir) Susumu Harada (designer) for Daie 1982 Tokyo

Toshio Fukano for Friendly 1986 Japan

Animal Logos Part 1

Here are some fun animal logos scanned from various sources. Make sure you also check out part 2.Enjoy!

Kimito Ohashi for Tiger Vacuum Bottle 1982 Osaka

Elias García Benavides / José Santamarina for Bridas 1982 Spain

Taiji Nishikawa for Kanevo 1986

Garbayo for Papelería Vizcaina 1983 (Madrid)

Ken-ichi HIrose for Pension Wakai 1986 Tokyo

Koichi Imakita for Nipon Kynol 1980 Osaka

Mexican Logos & Symbols

Pumas (UNAM) 1974 – Design: Manuel “Pajarito” Andrade

It’s been a while since I posted logos and I was recently digging to find some information about some of my favorite ones from México. Here are a few, some of them are no longer in use, my favorite being the top one (Pumas). The last three logos were designed by the great Lance Wyman for companies in México. Enjoy!

Artes de México (500 Años del encuentro) 1992 – Design: Luis Almeida y Ricardo Real

Apasco 1975 – Design: Pedro Ramírez Vázquez

Pemex 1981 – Design: Harte Reinking y Asociados

La Buena Señal, ca 1965 – Design: Eduardo Téllez

Comercial Mexicana – Design: Fernando Rión

Lili-Ledy – Design: Lance Wyman

Red Lion Restaurant / Disco – Design: Lance Wyman

Hotel Presidente Chapultepec - Design: Lance Wyman

New Business cards are here

Here are my new business cards. They were letterpressed by Dependable Letterpress in San Francisco. I worked with them before and they always do great jobs. The cards were printed on 179lb Cranes cover stock with 3 colors on the front (1 being just a hint) I was debating between a transparent foil stamp or a blind deboss for the background shape, but decided to go with a hint of color because I wasn’t finding the right foil. The edging wasn’t done by them. I actually needed them asap and that would have taken longer because it’d be outsourced so I just did a test for myself with a few of them.

Then I went on a press check and snapped some photos of the behind the scenes of the printing part. It’s always amazing to see that old machine go at it so precise. Hope you enjoy this post.

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P.S. I don’t want people calling me so I photoshoped two of the numbers.

Town Council of Kirjat-Gad, Israel

Trademark for Town Council of Kirjat-Gad designed by Shemuel Katz in Israel.

Design: Shemuel Katz | Year: 1961 | Photo: Scaned

Western International Travel Logo

Here’s a logo for Western International Travel Logo in USA designed by Franc Wilson for a tourist office.

Design: Franc Wilson  |  Year: 1963   |  Photo: Scanned