Thriumph of Neptune LP Cover by Herbert Leupin

Here’s another fun record designed by the wonderful modernist swiss designer, Herbert Leupin. It’s titled the Thriumph of Neptune. The illustration is very geometric and fun, it matches the style of the Peter and the Wolf Record I posted before. They could almost be displayed on a wall next to each other on a kids wall – Just saying. I hope you like this as much as I do. Enjoy!

Design: Herbert Leupin   |   Year: 1954   |   Photo: Javier García

Peter & the Wolf Record Cover by Herbert Leupin

Here’s a very fun Peter and the Wolf record cover illustrated by the Swiss poster designer, Herbert Leupin. He is one of my favorite designers and I was really excited to find this cover. I love ho simple and geometric this is. If you don’t know this designer, I suggest you google his name. Enjoy!

Design: Herbert Leupin   |  Year: 1954   |  Photo: Javier Garcia

Shifting Gears a bit!

After all the posts I’ve made over the past year, I realized most of the things here are a collection of items that have No Barcode. Therefore, I thought the name was very appropriate for what I was doing. My focus is mostly on vintage modern graphic design. Could be american, swiss, scandinavian, etc. I try to cover my favorite periods from 1940-1970 and perhaps a few other’s that followed that style over the years up until today.

I try to post my own findings and articles with my own photographs and scans (with a few exceptions). I really enjoy the blogs that take the effort to find their own articles. I might not post as regularly as I would like since I do it all by myself but you know the stuff here is hand picked.

All in all, I hope you are enjoying going through my posts and I hope to keep you visiting.